On Sundays, We Fill Our Cup First.

Sunday Soul Service is a feel-good oasis for womxn — online and in real life (IRL). With the concept rooted in the ritual of starting your week off right, Sunday Soul Service serves up high vibe experiences, transporting viewers to an expressive, optimistic place. 

The concept was created out of a need and desire for more celebratory experiences that don’t revolve solely around biz talk, drinking and/or feeling like you need to show up with friends to feel welcomed and have fun.

With a combination of immersive and vibrant experiences around the city and online, Sunday Soul Service is a source of energy — dedicated to raising your vibration and renewing your spirit. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with your favourite version of yourself.

Each IRL experience is inspired by a different theme connected to feeling good. Participants will only be given high level details, disrupting expectations and making room for a hefty dose of surprise. Come as you are, and prepare to leave lifted, inspired and energized for the week ahead.

Step into Sunday Soul Service with an open mind and heart and be ready to have some fun.